Tips On How To Clean Subway Tiles

There is always a need for you to keep subway tiles in good condition. Subway tiles on walls require proper maintenance if you want them to maintain their traditional look for years. Some people are confused about using this unique tile on their walls because they’ve seen some subway tiles that are not well-managed. Click here to read about the best subway tiles for your bathroom.

In the US, people learn how to clean up their subway tiles. Although it doesn’t require much washing like that, there are steps to follow if you want to clean it appropriately. Have you ever entered a friend’s house and notice that his subway tiles are always neat? And they look right from the installation period is still unbroken? Then, there’s a lot to let about the cleaning.

To keep subway tiles for years, it is expedient for you to know how to clean, what to clean and when you ought to clean. Of course, in one of our previous articles, we advised people not to wait for stains on subway tiles before cleaning them up. All that you’ve read about subway tiles is correct, but it needs proper monitoring.

However, after you’ve installed subway tiles on your walls, they will need proper management to reduce the risk of damage, wear and tear. Therefore, this article will dig deep in showing you the tips on how to clean subway tiles. Hence, let us begin with preventing scratches and preventing stains on your subway tiles.


There’s a saying that prevention is better than cure. We need to guide you through how to prevent subway tiles from getting scratched. Subway tiles are durable, but they can become irritated if there is no proper monitoring. Therefore, we want to urge you to take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of this happening. The moment you can control your subway tiles from been stained, then the washing becomes easy. 

Therefore, you can prevent subway tiles in kitchens and bathrooms by vacuuming with a soft head attachment. Also, it can be prevented when you sweep it often. Cleaning it usually will stop debris from scratching your subway tile surface.

However, knowing how to prevent your subway tile from being scratched is expedient for you to also learn how to prevent it from getting stained.


Subway tiles can become stained. And when this stain occurs, its appearance might get ruined. If there is a spill on your subway tiles, such as stains from the stove or your cooking gas, then you need to rub them off immediately. If you allow those stains to spend more time on your subway tiles, then it will be so hard for you to clean them later. Therefore, the fact remains that colours will come upon your subway tiles, but the only way to prevent them is by wiping them off promptly.

Then, how about the way to clean grout? You can’t successfully clean your subway tiles if you don’t know how to clean the grout;


The grout that is between your subway tiles also needs to be cleaned regularly. If not, grout can become stained, and it will affect the appearance of your subway tile. You cannot effectively clean your subway tile without cleaning the grout. Therefore, you can clean up the grout using warm water and a brush with a firm bristle. Consequently, you can also clean it by adding baking soda and vinegar if the grout has an unadorned stain. The next step after cleansing your grout is to spray it with water mixed with vinegar to stop grime from accumulating. However, that’s not the only way to prevent your grout. You can also control it by sealing it after installing your subway tiles. Of course, you can always reseal it once a year. Thus, there’s another way to prevent grout from getting stained. The option is if you can afford a grout that is stain resistant.

However, let us jump into details about how to clean your subway tiles


Subway tiles have no specific way of cleaning them, but they do need to be cleaned regularly. If they are routinely cleaned, your subway tiles will keep looking fresh and nice every day. Trust me, washing your subway tiles is a simple process that involves the following materials:

  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Mild dish soap

After you have the above-listed materials on the ground, all you have to do is to combine these three ingredients together. We will advise you to put it in a spray bottle for easy use. Don’t forget that you will only need one ounce of vinegar, then a few drops of dish soap and water.

Then, you spray your tiles and allow the cleaning solution to be there for some minutes. The soap and the vinegar will automatically work on breaking down the grime. After some minutes, clean up the solution with a rag and use a clean towel or paper towels to dry your tiles. 

However, if you correctly follow the tips provided, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your subway tiles will be intact
  • You will have long-lasting subway tiles on your walls
  • It will maintain its uniqueness for years
  • The walls will look more attractive
  • It will bring a contemporary look


Countless people stand against subway tiles today because they failed to commit themselves to clean them. Another set of people really wants to clean up their subway tiles, but they don’t know how to clean them. They started applying soap of different kinds on it, and they wash it as if they are washing their clothes. However, this article is to help you to maintain that initial look of your subway tiles so that you will enjoy their durability. One can only enjoy this unique tile if it is properly maintained. We hope to see you using the tips provided here to wash the subway tiles on your walls.